FLEA FRIDAYS: a monthly, happy-hour, interdisciplinary performance event directed and curated by Lilleth Glimcher. Each night will feature artists across performance genre all excavating a single question.

Scenic ArtistsBrooke E. Herr + Daniel Prosky
Lighting Design: Kelley Shih
Costume Design: Tolu Aremu
Assistant Director/Stage ManagerTobi Aremu
Producer: Catherine Woodard

FRIDAY, SEPT 29: "What does HOME mean to you?" 
Featuring Diane Exavier, Julia Anrather, The Lobbyists, and Rebeca Rad w Starr Busby and ensemble
Led by 'The Fridays': Xandra Clark, Darby Davis, Chun Cho, Carolina Do, Lily Sondik

FRIDAY, OCT 13: "What is RITUAL?"
Featuring Anaïs Maviel, Cyrus McNeal, Isabelle Pierre, Justin Moore, and Legacy Arts Ensemble
Led by 'The Fridays': Caturah Brown, Xandra Clark, Darby Davis, Chun Cho, Lily Sondik